Late Sri Yerramilli Seshachalam Pantulu, who worked as a Mathematics teacher at the Municipal High School, Vizianagaram during the 1940s through 1970s.

He inspired me and worked with me to get 80 out of 100 in Mathematics at the 10th Grade.
[Important note: I had never scored more than 35-40 up until the 10th Grade examination.]

Late Professor K Nagabhushanam, Professor of Statistics, Andhra University

He took keen interest in my career, offered a job when I was jobless, and most importantly, he transformed my essay of over 30 pages into a two page research paper, which was applauded by the session chair at the Second Indian Econometric Conference, Waltair held in late 1962.

Late Dr C Chandrasekaran, Internationally Acclaimed Population Specialist

He offered me a Fellowship for the study of Demography, brought me to special meetings and trained me in several ways.

Professor You Poh Seng, Professor of Statistics, University of Singapore

He gave me the much valued break from humdrum, offered me a job at the University of Singapore, constantly held my hand and ensured my life-long progress including the lining up of the job at the World Bank.

The above is merely a set of examples. There were many others who made the life journey pleasant and comfortable, thus providing the very basis for life. Amo Ergo Sum.

All men and women are verily the manifestation of the one Divinity that is nothing but love and compassion.

Bhanoji Rao
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